Bridging Red Hat and Microsoft platforms with our Visual Studio Extension for OpenShift 3.
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Our Visual Studio Extension allows developers to Build, Manage and Deploy containerized .Net and lot more other applications straight from IDE to OpenShift 3 cloud platform on a cloud of your choice. Bring on the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift. The power of "AND" eliminates the question to choose Microsoft "OR" Red Hat. Our DevOps solution gives you the choice of a truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously in OpenShift.

Do you need a single development experience across OpenShift and Visual Studio?

If you have investments in both OpenShift and Visual Studio, you are dealing with multiple IDEs and challenges integrating between them. You want to maintain investments in OpenShift and Microsoft but developing in a cross platform cloud leads to increased complexity.

We offer you a seamless DevOps experience for OpenShift and Microsoft with a single IDE across both. Get increased developer productivity and velocity by using our Visual Studio Extension.

Do you need Docker container and Kubernetes empowered .Net applications?

Do you have a complex environment of Windows applications you must maintain and you want to migrate from large applications to small and agile containers? Use our custom templates containing Docker image of .Net with other services e.g. MySQL and MongoDB, to create containerized applications of your choice.

Push your existing application source code to repository and convert it to a new containerized app in OpenShift and get the flexibility, lowered costs and simplified operations you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • I haven't received the verification email from Click2Cloud.
  • Why am I getting 503 errors (Service Temporarily Unavailable)?
  • What is OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?
  • What about ongoing development? What are the upcoming features of OpenShift Tool?
  • How to watch OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio demo videos?

I haven't received the verification email from Click2Cloud.

Here's what we recommend:

First, check to see if the verification email is in your SPAM folder. If you can't find it in your SPAM folder either, Please contact us at

Why am I getting 503 errors (Service Temporarily Unavailable)?

This 503 error usually happens when your browser requested a hostname that do not matches any route. Your containers get a dynamic address and won't be resolvable though DNS. This is ok as users never reach containers directly, but use either services (only for other containers) or routes (external users).

You can check log files to see what the root cause might be.

What is OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?

OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio is Visual Studio extension that allow you to integrate new OpenShift 3 capabilities within Visual Studio. It provides integrated developer experience for Visual Studio Developers to support the application lifecycle and seamless deployment in Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

What about ongoing development? What are the upcoming features of OpenShift Tool?

Currently, Click2Cloud Team is working on enabling Docker tooling as well as CDK Server Adapter within Visual Studio

We will update you in coming days with new features like

  • Docker Tooling
  • OpenShift Server Adapter
  • OpenShift CDK Adapter
  • User management
  • TFS Integration

How to watch OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio demo videos?

You can watch demo videos from here

Technology Partners

Click2Cloud Technology Partners; Red Hat, Microsoft, Docker, Kubernetes and K2

About Us

Click2Cloud Inc. was founded by Vandana and Prashant Mishra in 2015. Click2Cloud Inc. is an S-Corporation incorporated in the State of Washington. At its inception its business objectives were to provide innovative cloud products and services. Since 2015, Click2Cloud Inc. employs approximately 15-20 employees located in two key geographies:

  • Headquarters located in Bellevue, WA
  • Development Center in Nagpur, India

Click2Cloud Inc. has developed not only human intellectual capital, process understanding and optimization, but they have also developed software IP that they can incorporate into their solutions to offer richer software workflow, deeper business insight and telemetry but at a much faster pace and lower cost than the typical software solutions provider and consultancy.

Vision & Mission

Click2Cloud Inc.’s Vision is simple: "Ideas at work”...what this means to us?

It means recognizing and taking advantage of the latest in disruptive and enabling technologies as a set of "capabilities" (people, best practices, proven processes together with infrastructure, platform and application services) to develop solutions that enables businesses to produce higher productivity, reduce costs, improve time to market and enhance customer experience while driving brand loyalty and value.

Click2Cloud Inc.’s Mission is to provide end-to-end IT solutions and services that build lasting relationships, impeccable reliability and real results.

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