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OpenShift Tool Product Activation

I haven't received the verification email from Click2Cloud.

Here's what we recommend:

First, check to see if the verification email is in your SPAM folder. If you can't find it in your SPAM folder either, Please contact us at

Where do I enter the registration key into the OpenShift Tool?

After registering with our OpenShift extension you will receive a unique registration key. After successful installation of OpenShift Tool, you must enter this registration key into the software by opening the product and clicking on the Menu Click2Cloud -> New OpenShift Application available on Visual Studio Menu bar to activate. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your product.

Can I use the same registration key on more than one computer?

No. registration key must be used for each computer you wish to use the software on. Our automated activation system will not allow you to use the same registration key on multiple computers.

I lost the registration key for the Extension, how do I recover it?

You will need to contact us at . Include your full name, phone number, and registered email id expedite the manual retrieval of your registration key.

Why does the OpenShift Tool attempt to access the internet?

In order to connect the OpenShift servers you work on, you must be connected to the internet

I cannot access the extension any longer, it gives me a 'Beta period is over' message?

Our software products may time out after a specific period of time. This is a notification that the copy of the software you have is outdated and an update is available to install.

OpenShift PaaS

Why am I getting 503 errors (Service Temporarily Unavailable)?

This 503 error usually happens when your browser requested a hostname that do not matches any route. Your containers get a dynamic address and won't be resolvable though DNS. This is ok as users never reach containers directly, but use either services (only for other containers) or routes (external users).

You can check log files to see what the root cause might be.

Why am I getting 504 errors (gateway timed-out)?

The 504 Gateway Timeout error is an HTTP status code that means that front end app service did not receive a timely response from another service that it was accessing while attempting to load the web page or fill another request by the browser. Most of the time, this means that the other server is down or not working properly.

How can I configure Automated Builds Using a GitHub Webhook?

You can perform Webhook triggers settings by watching this video.

ASP.Net Builder Images

Is Microsoft really partnering with Docker?


Microsoft’s partnership with Docker enables developers to create, manage and deploy both Windows Server and Linux containers using the same Docker tool set. Developers targeting Windows Server will no longer have to make a choice between using the vast range of Windows Server technologies and building containerized applications.

Docker is two things, the open source group of projects and Docker the company. We consider this partnership to include both. Docker is successful, in part, because of the vibrant ecosystem that has built up around the Docker container technology. Microsoft is contributing to the Docker Project, enabling support for Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.

How do I get different .Net builder images (S2I) to deploy on OpenShift 3?

You can go through this link which explain the deployment of .Net images on OpenShift.

How do I get Click2Cloud’s .Net Source code repositories (Template and Image Stream) available on GitHub?

Click2Cloud’s .Net Source code repositories (Sample Templates) are available here

Where do I get more information about Docker image for ASP.Net 5?

You can get more information about ASP.Net image from below link


Docker Hub

How can I enable .Net capabilities on OpenShift 3?

You can use the below links which provide the complete documentation on .Net capabilities on OpenShift 3



Docker Hub

OpenShift Extension

What is OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?

OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio is Visual Studio extension that allow you to integrate new OpenShift 3 capabilities within Visual Studio. It provides integrated developer experience for Visual Studio Developers to support the application lifecycle and seamless deployment in Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

What’s the quickest way to try out OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio ?

Download it here, and then head over to the Getting Started guide, and follow the instructions.

How do I download and install OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?

You can use the OpenShift tool User guide which shows you how to download, install, connect, create and deploy applications with OpenShift, from your Visual Studio workbench

What are the prerequisites for OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?

You must download and install the following pre-requisites software:

  1. GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2015 – (download from here)
  2. Git for windows – (download from here)
  3. OpenShift Client Binaries (OC.exe) – ( Supported Version 1.0.6 and higher)

What kind of application programming languages I can use to create /debug /deploy applications on OpenShift working within Visual Studio IDE?

You can use natively supported programming languages like C#, Python, Node.js, and HTML/JavaScript to create/debug modern web applications within Visual Studio. Also you can use third party extensions to support other programming languages like PHP, JAVA etc.

How do I know what version of OpenShift tool is running?

You can find out the version of OpenShift tool from visual studio Menu i.e.Tools >>Extensions and Updates >>All >> Select the OpenShift Tool

What are the supported versions of Visual Studio IDE with OpenShift Tool?

Currently, all the versions of Visual Studio 2015 are supported i.e.
(Community, Professional, Enterprise)

How to watch OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio demo videos?

You can watch demo videos from here

Why am I getting 'Cannot connect to the Application Server ‘while launching OpenShift Tool?

You are getting this error because of some issues in WCF service or in DB service which are maintained by the Click2Cloud.This might be temporary problem. If this problem continues, please contact us at

What about Support?

Please feel free to contact us at for any queries related to OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio


I created a new repository with the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio, but I don't know where it is.

New repositories are created in the path set in your Visual Studio Git Settings. To access these settings, from the Team Explorer Home section, click "Settings" and "Global Settings"

I tried to upgrade the extension, but got the following error message, "The extension 'GitHub Extension for Visual Studio' requires administrative privileges in order to be uninstalled." What do I do?

Close Visual Studio and run it again by right clicking on the Visual Studio icon and click "Run as administrator." This should allow you to upgrade the extension.

Where can I set the default path for cloning and creating repositories?

The Default Repository Path setting can be found in the Git Settings area. From the Team Explorer Home section, click "Settings" and "Global Settings" to access it.

Where can I find the log files?

The extension writes to log files at %LocalAppData%\GitHubVisualStudio\extension.log and


Upcoming Features

What about ongoing development? What are the upcoming features of OpenShift Tool?

Currently, Click2Cloud Team is working on enabling Docker tooling as well as CDK Server Adapter within Visual Studio

We will update you in coming days with new features like

  • Docker Tooling
  • OpenShift Server Adapter
  • OpenShift CDK Adapter
  • User management
  • TFS Integration

Features and bugs

Are there any known issues in OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio?

  • OpenShift Explorer – Real time resource updates is not working
    Solution: User needs to refresh OpenShift Explorer manually when any OpenShift Server event fired.
  • OpenShift Explorer- Different Visual Studio Themes compatibility Issue
    Solution: You can work with Default colour themes like Dark, Light and Blue
  • OpenShift Explorer – Live Streaming of Build logs issue in Output window
    Solution: User needs to click manually on Build Log context menu available on Builds resource

I have a feature request, how do I report it?

Please contact us at to raise feature request.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

Please contact us at to submit bug.

Click2Cloud’s Contact details

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