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Click2Cloud Docker Acceleration Extension for Visual Studio


Our Visual Studio Extension allows developers to Build, Manage and Deploy containerized .Net and lot more other applications straight from IDE to OpenShift 3 cloud platform on a cloud of your choice. Bring on the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift. The power of “AND” eliminates the question to choose Microsoft “OR” Red Hat. Our DevOps solution gives you the choice of a truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously in OpenShift.

Do you need a single development experience across OpenShift and Visual Studio?

If you have investments in both OpenShift and Visual Studio, you are dealing with multiple IDEs and challenges integrating between them. You want to maintain investments in OpenShift and Microsoft but developing in a cross platform cloud leads to increased complexity.

We offer you a seamless DevOps experience for OpenShift and Microsoft with a single IDE across both. Get increased developer productivity and velocity by using our Visual Studio Extension.

Do you need Docker container and Kubernetes empowered .Net applications?

Do you have a complex environment of Windows applications you must maintain and you want to migrate from large applications to small and agile containers? Use our custom templates containing Docker image of .Net with other services e.g. MySQL and MongoDB, to create containerized applications of your choice.

Push your existing application source code to repository and convert it to a new containerized app in OpenShift and get the flexibility, lowered costs and simplified operations you need.

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About ASP.Net (S2I) Images
and Templates

Key Features

Our ASP.Net 4.5 and 5.0 source to images and custom templates enables you to create containerized .Net applications

IT benefits from lower costs, increased agility and increased utilization in a simplified environment.

  • Create, manage and run .Net applications on OpenShift by using these templates
  • Integrate with Mongo DB, MySQL and other services
  • Use this on your Enterprise datacenter (Private cloud), public or hybrid cloud or OpenShift Online

Visual Studio Extension

By Click2Cloud

Our Visual Studio Extension “OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio” provide developers with a seamless DevOps experience across environments increasing developer productivity, agility and velocity.

With the Visual Studio Extension developers can develop and deploy .Net applications in both your Windows and OpenShift environments.

With this Extension you can also deploy applications based on several other technologies (e.g. Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Perl) on both your Windows and OpenShift environment.

  • Choose the IDE they are familiar with making the developer’s life easier.
  • Controls and templates to help you get the most out of Visual Studio.
  • Plugins are integrated with source repositories for streamlined deployment and versioning.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Pricing Model

Pricing Levels – based on; # users subscribing for tool, # of App and # of containers they are running

/ Trial

$ 59/month

5 (A+N)+ 1 (D)

Silver / SMB
(small scale)

$ 100/month

100 (A+N)+ 5 (D)

Gold / SMB
(large scale)

$ 1,000/month

1000 (A+N)+ 20 (D)


$ 10,000/month

Unlimited (A+N)+
Unlimited (D)

Every Plan Includes:

  • Free Support for 3 incidents
  • Hot fixes for DevOps tool, project templates and images
  • Updates for DevOps tool, project templates and images

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